Payment Solutions

In the area of Payment Systems, the solutions offered by UniSystems cover the entire portfolio of payment transactions, from any destination to any destination, are flexible and easily adjustable in order to meet the demands of any bank, as well as regulatory requirements, such as the requirements for SEPA Credit Transfers and SEPA Direct Debits.

Furthermore, the Company's experts team that specialise in Payment Systems, offer consulting services, meeting all the special needs of banking organisations regarding either tailor-made developments or system integration solutions developed within the client's environment using ready-made packages by international vendors.

Uni Systems Automated Payment System (APS), incorporates the know-how of our experts in a robust and proven system that offers to a bank or a group of banks the ability to handle all types of Payments through a unique, standardized system resulting in:

  • ower operating costs;
  • increased operating time and efficiency;
  • easier and faster introduction of new Banking systems or external payment networks;  
  • enables the offering of consistent payment services throughout the world to the full range of Bank customers.

The Multi-Bank functionality of APS allows banking institutions to support the incoming and outgoing payment orders of their affiliate banks / branches abroad, as well as the payment orders of specialized Business Units within the Bank (e.g. Private Banking, Shipping Loans), through a common centralized system fulfilling local and cross-border needs.

APS uses a variety of connectivity standards and can be integrated with the Bank internal systems (such as Treasury, Trade Finance) and the external payment systems (SWIFT, EBA/STEP2 EBA/SEPA etc) and covers domestic and international Payments functionality, SEPA Credit Transfers and SEPA Direct Debits functionality.

The system automates the payments process with the implementation of straight-through-processing rules (STP), enabling the Bank departments and branches, or other Banks’ host applications, to initiate payments that can travel through the Bank without human intervention.


Uni Systems Liquidity Management System is a complete, technologically advanced cash management and pooling solution, which provides corporate customers and banks with a complete range of financial and highly developed cash management services. It has been designed to cover the complex needs of multi-country corporate banking, with multi-currency and multi-lingual capabilities and support for multi-entity structures.

It is suitable for Financial Institutions seeking a solution that will provide flexibility, operational efficiency, increased functionality, openness and lower cost of operations. It is guaranteed to provide high quality products and services to existing customers but also lay down foundations to attract new customer. 

Benefits for the Bank

  • Individual Configuration through flexible parameter configuration;
  • Wide range of services by offering different kinds of pooling procedures;
  • Easy handling by automated processes and follow up reports and alerts;
  • Possibility of functionality enhancements;
  • Modular design allows for modules to be added/parameterized as needed;
  • Manage risk through tighter control on corporate credit lines and exposure tracking.

Benefits for Corporate Clients

  • Multi-lingual and Multi-currency support for regional and global businesses;
  • Alerts and Status updates via SMS and email;
  • Integrates all transaction banking services to optimize deployment of corporate funds and reduce funding charges;
  • Comprehensive reporting of the company-wide liquidity status as well as overview of transactions, account balance, interest calculations and bank account statement. 

UniSystems Headquarters

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176 71 Athens, Greece
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