Managed Services

Keeping our clients on the front foot

Enabling high-performance IT services and solutions for our customers has always been the focus of our efforts. At Uni Systems, we are dedicated in developing and delivering the most cutting-edge services to our customers, customized to their organizational needs.

Our experienced teams are constantly growing and gaining more expertise, enabling us to provide consistent and valued services in the market.

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High-performance ICT infrastructures for our customers

Managed Services are helping you get the most out of your technology infrastructure investments. Our highly trained personnel is specialized, among others, in the fields of service processes, DevOps and SecOps, maintaining the standard operational systems and the structured environments in which they are based on. Our customers are relying on us for assistance in increasing the reliability, efficiency, and productivity of their IT systems.

Uni Systems is supporting its customers and bridging the gap between their needs. We are converting traditional systems and infrastructures to flexible and modern environments that are automated, based on software-defined approaches and next-generation managed services. We are enabling our customers to focus on making their business grow, while we are taking care of their IT environments and their internal resource planning, in a reliable and efficient manner.

Our Offerings

No matter what your level of cloud adoption is, we have a managed service that is suitable for your organization. Our end-to-end portfolio covers everything you need in order to resolve and restore your systems, to increase resilience and futureproof your organization's environments, and evolve and enhance your cloud infrastructures. We are providing our customers with expert support in everything they need in order to maximize uptime and performance; from incident management and disaster recovery, to cloud on-demand administration and vulnerability scanning.

Application Management
Security Operations Center
Operating System Patching
Security Services (MDR & MCR)
DB Patching
BackUp & Restore Services
NOC Service
Service Management
Tuning & Optimization Services
Service Desk
NOS Management
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Bridging the gap between traditionally built and operated infrastructures to agile & modern environments