Modular Banking
In today's rapidly changing technological environment, financial institutions need to be agile and adaptive in order to remain competitive. Technological advancements and the introduction of “neo banks” and fin techs have pushed traditional banks out of their comfort zone, in pursuit of transformational technologies that will take them to the next level.

bMASTEROur flagship product bMASTER Enterprise Banking System is a technologically advanced packaged solution, providing innovative solutions to key issues that most Financial Institutions face today, with minimum risk and low total cost of ownership. bMASTER Enterprise Banking System, is a modular, yet, seamlessly integrated core banking packaged solution, developed exclusively by Uni Systems, covering a wide range of operations required in the retail, corporate and wholesale banking sectors. Each module of bMASTER Enterprise Banking System can be installed either independently or as a complete solution thus benefiting from the scale of economy effect and better management and control. The coherence of the system is a strong benefit since it is not a mixture of 3rd party products. This minimizes the complexity of the solution, increases the components’ interoperability and functionality while it minimizes any risks in delivering a comprehensive and integrated solution. It incorporates high degree of parameterization; nothing in the system is hard-coded. Its flexible nature allows management to map the corporate strategy into the system, and through management decision-making tools, to monitor its execution.

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Innovative built-in characteristics and architecture, all in one technologically advanced packaged solution
What makes it unique?
Complete 360 Customer view
Built in Product Factory
Event-driven architecture which underlines the Service Orientation of the System in a very powerful and very modern approach.
“Multi-currency”, “Multi-languages” and “Multi-accounting” as of design
Average transaction time <1’’
Open Banking micro services for core functionalities
Delivered via multiple distribution channels
Built in business process management for definition and optimization of business process
Built in business intelligence in order to assist administrative decisions and to meet the requirements of regulatory reporting


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Knowledge of core banking business in-depth with 20+ years’ experience.


Retail & corporate Financial Institutions with 10 installations over the years.


Implementation in 6 countries in the region.


Broad functionality coverage with 90+ modules.

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Proven solution in FI with 200+ branches