Empowering digital ethics

To achieve our goals toward a sustainable future that we’ll be able to deliver to the generations to come, we abide by a set of Policies and Procedures that ensure compliance with laws and regulations and streamline our operations in an ethical manner. We provide responses for all of our material issues, value our employees and our partnerships while cultivating a corporate ethical culture across our organization. We take all the necessary steps to operate under a responsible framework of operation by respecting human rights and rejecting practices of modern slavery.

At Uni Systems, we embrace diversity, defend innovation, promote creativity, support the free sharing of ideas and the flow of information via open communication, while, at the same time, we value compassionate directness. We choose to reject any kind of violence, harassment, and modern slavery practices and to fully align with respective laws and regulations. 

Our Ecosystem of Partners

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We honor our long-standing business relationships and partnerships as they constitute a benchmark in our development and have defined our course. Our commercial relations with partners and suppliers further support our effort to successfully cover the primary need for the provision of effective solutions and, therefore, we take action to strengthen our ecosystem for the benefit of all our stakeholders.


In our ecosystem and among our stakeholders, there is no room for modern slavery, human trafficking or forced labor practices, which violate basic human rights. We are committed to working intensively against this phenomenon, alongside our people, with the support of our governance framework and the strong commitment of our Top Management. 

Our People

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Honoring the principles of diversity, equality and inclusion is essential for ensuring a functional and efficient working environment. We are providing equal employment opportunities and banning any form of discrimination on grounds of gender, religion, race, color, nationality, disability, social class, political beliefs, age, marital status, sexual orientation or any other characteristics while maintaining a work culture that recognizes, appreciates and effectively utilizes the talents, skills and perspectives of each employee.

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Respecting human rights is a matter of fundamental importance for establishing an environment based on trust, communication and mutual respect, as well as adopting and promoting openness and teamwork. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all our employees, treating them with dignity and respect and avoiding incidents of violence and harassment of any kind.


We focus on the principles of ethics and integrity, responsible business behavior and sustainable development. Our strong value system lies at the core of our culture and philosophy. By aligning our actions with high ethical standards, we create relationships of trust with all stakeholders and long-term value, and at the same time, we protect our reputation.