Digitizing the Healthcare Landscape

Some of the key challenges in the Healthcare Industry is having to streamline the physicians’ work, create efficient systems, improve patient outcomes while reducing human error, a very important factor, and lowering costs with the use emerging technologies.

Technologies like tele-medicine, artificial intelligence applied to medical devices, and electronic health records, built on blockchain, are only a few of the many examples of  how digital transformation in healthcare can ultimately reshape how citizens are interacting with healthcare professionals, how their data are going to be shared within a system of interconnected health providers and how the decisions about their treatment plans and health outcomes can be made.

While the new demands for Digital Health are rising, and mobile apps and well-being wearables are being developed, Emerging Technologies and especially Big Data Analytics and AI seem to be the prime focus of technological advancements in Healthcare.  

Blockchain, IoT, AI, predictive analytics can reshape the future of Healthcare

At Uni Systems, we have been contributing to the Healthcare landscape for years, implementing projects that aim at transforming the industry. Our teams, with their extensive experience and expertise in the area of Healthcare and Social Security, have been offering solutions to a variety of healthcare organizations to make it happen. 

Promoting Healthcare and assisting our clients in providing the most efficient services and support to the public, is what we have been working on for years. Through custom-made solutions our teams are providing, our clients can offer innovative, high-quality healthcare services, while having the opportunity to collect and analyze vast amounts of data to optimize processes, diagnoses and applications.

Among the solution offered for the Healthcare industry are: Hospital Information Systems, ERP for Healthcare organizations, confederated healthcare records, prescription management and processing systems, Big Data Analytics and patients’ insights.


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Personnel with more than 25 years of experience in the field of Digital Health.

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Silver Award in the Healthcare Business Awards in e-health for Digital Applications for the Management and Support of Medical Institutions category.


Multi-country implementations.

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Experienced in implementing large scale commercial projects.

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Cutting edge concepts in Digital Health R&D.

Sector Solutions

Hospital Information Systems

Patient Management

Medical Information System


International standards

Laboratory Information Systems



Advanced Solutions

Case studies

Regional Health Network of Crete: Integrated Information System

Uni Systems provided a solution to the Regional Health Network of Crete, comprising of a mix of customer-centric tools, in order to create the necessary infrastructure and develop a series of applications that will allow the Network to follow the customer/patient journey along every step and around every interaction with the Health Units across the region.

Regional Health Network of Cyclades: Integrated Information System

Uni Systems was invited to create an automated system and applications that will allow the Health Network to provide faster and more updated information across the network and to the patients that visit the region. A customer-centric approach that would make the handling of patients and the information across multiple units available through one touchpoint.

Aretaeion Private Hospital: Hospital Information System

Uni Systems supports the operations of Aretaeion, one of the largest private hospitals in Cyprus. Through the solutions offerred, the support and expertise of our Healthcare team, Aretaeion Private Hospital managed to digitize its systems and processes, automate the workflow of information among all departments and specialties, making the service of patients easier and more efficient across the entire organization.

Health Crete
health Cyclades



  • 7th Regional Health Authority of Crete
  • University Hospital of Heraclion
  • General Hospital of Heraclion “Venizelio”
  • General Hospital of Chania “Ag. Georgios”
  • General Hospital of Rethimno
  • General Hospital of Ag. Nikolaos
  • General Hospital – Health Center of Ierapetra
  • General Hospital – Health Center of Sitia
  • General Hospital – Health Center of Neapoli
  • 2nd Regional Health Authority – Piraeus & Aegean Islands
  • General Hospital of Syros
  • General Hospital of Naxos


  • Aretaeion Private Hospital – Nicosia