Big Data Analytics

Unlocking the full potential of the organization

In the era of the enormous loads of information and data coming from multiple sources and addressed to millions of users, data analytics technologies pave the way to the analysis of these loads of diverse data sets to harness new information, thus allowing the organizations to make informed business decisions.

Big Data Analytics
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Big Data Analytics: a great part of digital transformation

The number of different industries that are adopting big data analytics increases steadily as these technologies become more cost effective and easier to adopt; industries are being digitally transformed with the support of big data  analytics. Uni Systems provides enterprise ready solutions to allow the implementation, governance, management and maintenance of big data ecosystems and analytics platforms. 

Our portfolio includes a full life-cycle for implementing analytics systems ranging from domain expertise, data assessment, data architecture, technology/platform selection and data transformation/cleansing all the way to data mining/exploration predictive modeling and data visualization; this is where our data analysts and engineers can make a difference. 

Our expertise spans across industries and business point solutions: IT, Retail, Telecoms, Finance/Banking, Shipping, Energy, Education, Healthcare/Insurance, Transportation, Manufacturing, Entertainment/Media, Public organizations.

Our Offerings

Our Big Data Analytics Competence Centre consists of experienced Business Analysts, Big Data Engineers, Big Data Architects and Data Scientists ready to design, implement, deploy and support your Big Data Analytics projects offering solutions from the whole big data landscape. 

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Project Implementation
R&D Innovation Services
Operational Managed Services
Delivery Managed Services
Emerging technologies, digitization of existing systems and constant change around Big Data.

What we deliver

At Uni Systems, we address data opportunities through a holistic and integrated approach with a focused set of technologies and services that can provide the expertise needed to overcome even the hardest of those challenges.

Reference Engagements

Reference Engagements

A Complete Analytics Ecosystem for Justice

Following best practices and key technologies, a complete analytical system created, collecting information from different data sources, aiming to provide accurate information to stakeholders and assist in the decision making process.

A robust Lakehouse Ecosystem for the FMCG Sector

Aiming to answer key questions about the purchasing habits of customers and provide the means for better offerings, a lakehouse environment was implemented, using cutting edge technologies and Machine Learning practices. 

A Complete Data Warehouse Ecosystem for the European Public Sector

Using Massively Parallel Processing (MPP), Big Data technologies and Microsoft’s Azure Cloud services.

Centralized Logging system in the Banking Sector

As part of the core system using Apache Kafka, Elastic Search and Kibana.

Complete eDWH for the Telco Sector

With reporting and advanced analytics tools.

Data Analysis Systems for the Finance Sector

Data analysis systems and advanced reporting incorporating a data analytics platform.

Centralized Management Systems for the Public Sector

The centralized management systems of all the administrative cases along with analytics platform and business intelligence reporting performing statistical analysis and advanced analytics.

Complete Integrated Management Information System for the Finance Sector

Including data analysis, advanced statistical methods, machine learning, simulation, automation and implementation of the corresponding web environment.