Sustainable Growth

Operating in an ever-changing environment, subject to endless social, environmental and business transformation, Uni Systems collaborates closely with its shareholders in a meaningful discourse with main aim to evolve sustainably. 

For the past years, Uni Systems has been contributing to the annual Sustainability Development report produced by Quest Group, as an active and valued member of the conglomerate. 
The Company’s growth milestones, its vision toward sustainable development and its future goals are presented through a series of material issues, well defined and analyzed. 

All reports have been prepared in accordance with the core option of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards aiming at informing our shareholders in a transparent manner on the Company’s strategy, objectives and performance.


revenue growth


Investment in R&D


new jobs created


training costs


energy consumption from RES


compliance with social and environmental laws and regulations

Annual Reports

report 2021

2021 report

We are committed to sharing innovation, expertise, and, knowledge through a sustainable information technology business model that tackles the challenges of the era. Our 2021 Sustainable Development Report reflects on our strategy, objectives and performance for the past year. It has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), core option and has received external assurance. You can find the Greek version here.

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Did you know
According to our ESG strategy, Quest Group of Companies is committed to achieving a 40% Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions reduction by 2030 and Net Zero emissions by 2050, a commitment supported and fully adopted by Uni Systems.
We have created a work environment of inclusion, promoting diversity and providing equal opportunities for our employees. In 2021, the total number of individuals hired was 209, 36% of whom were women.
We make efforts to reduce our environmental footprint and select technologies that optimize energy management, save costs and contribute to the environmental protection. We are implementing an integrated environmental management system certified according to ISO/IEC 14001:2015. A percentage of 29,4% of electricity comes from Renewable Energy Sources (RES).
We are committed in our new five-year development plan that focuses on five horizontal digital areas, namely Cloud, Managed Services, Data & Analytics, Cybersecurity and Customer Experience, as well as in three vertical markets of particular interest, Greek Public Sector, European Union Services and Organizations and Banking/Financial Sector.
Quest Group and its member companies are UNGC signatories committed to environmental protection.
By 2025, more than 6% of our revenue will derive from sustainable products and services.
The well-being of our employees is our driving force. Health and Safety issues have been prioritized and remote work was maintained at more than 60% throughout the year, while employee benefits included psychological and counseling support programs.
We laid the foundations for the creation of Quest Group Innovation Center, iQnovus. The Innovation Center supports dissemination of knowledge, monitoring of market trends, talent attraction practices, creation of new products and services, the use of tools and methods of innovation management and the attraction of financing and investment.


To achieve our goals toward a sustainable future that we’ll be able to deliver to the generations to come, we abide by a set of Policies and Procedures that ensure compliance with laws and regulations and streamline our operations. We provide responses for all of our material issues, value our employees and our partnerships while cultivating a corporate ethical culture across our organization. We take all the necessary steps to operate under a responsible framework of operation. To find out more, please visit our page on digital ethics.

ESG Strategy

esg strategy1

Our ESG Strategy is in effect as of 2022 and will take us, in the first place, until 2050. It is composed of 10 targets, which aim to differentiate us in our market. If you wish to read more on our strategy, click here