Sustainable Growth

Operating in an ever-changing environment, subject to endless social, environmental and business transformation, Uni Systems collaborates closely with its shareholders in a meaningful discourse with main aim to evolve sustainably. 

For the past years, Uni Systems has been contributing to the annual Sustainability Development report produced by Quest Group, as an active and valued member of the conglomerate. 
The Company’s growth milestones, its vision toward sustainable development and its future goals are presented through a series of material issues, well defined and analyzed. 

All reports have been prepared in accordance with the core option of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards aiming at informing our shareholders in a transparent manner on the Company’s strategy, objectives and performance.


CAGR revenues from international activities


cluster of new partners

35 proposals with total budget €91Μ


active partnerships


cloud revenue growth


new job positions

40% increase in training costs


consultants and technology professionals

Annual Reports

report 2020

2020 report

We are committed to sharing innovation, expertise, and, knowledge through a sustainable information technology business model that tackles the challenges of the era. Our 2020 Sustainable Development Report, integrated into Quest Holdings relevant report, reflects on our strategy, objectives and performance for the past year. It has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), core option and has received external assurance. You can find the Greek version here.

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Did you know?
We grow bigger every year! Despite the adverse conditions of the market by the COVID-19 pandemic, our company grew significantly in all sectors during 2020, having recorded total revenues of €134 million and growth of 15% compared to 2019.
In terms of industries, revenues in 2020 derived by 45% from international markets, by 31% from the financial sector, by 13% from telecommunications operators and private companies and by 11% from the Greek public sector.
We are going Cloud: The revenues from Cloud solutions were increase by 15%. We developed more than 15 new Cloud services.
Our people matter: In 2020, over 80% of our people worked in teleworking status; continuous psychological support program is in place.
We are certified according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 14001, ISO 20000, and ISO 22301: 2019 for our Business Continuity system.
More than 10,000 employees of our clients were able to switch rapidly to teleworking mode based on our Remote Access solutions.
We formulate our Carbon Neutral strategy based on the ESG criteria and targets while monitoring closely and following the relevant EU initiatives. We are currently working toward elaborating our Net Zero strategy by 2050, which, along with a detailed roadmap, will be announced in July 2022 upon the publication of the Annual Sustainability report of 2021.
New projects in Research and Innovation portfolio: cybersecurity, blockchain/DLT, 5G, IoT, eHealth, eGovernment, software defined networks, etc.. In total, 15 research projects are currently being implemented, two of which are led by our company.
Creation and participation in 5 Innovation Clusters; foundation of “Pleiades IoT Cluster.
We implemented the first COVID-free library in Greece.


To achieve our goals toward a sustainable future that we’ll be able to deliver to the generations to come, we abide by a set of Policies and Procedures that ensure compliance with laws and regulations and streamline our operations. We provide responses for all of our material issues, value our employees and our partnerships while cultivating a corporate ethical culture across our organization. We take all the necessary steps to operate under a responsible framework of operation by respecting human rights and rejecting practices of modern slavery. Please review here Human Rights & Diversity Policy and  Uni Systems' Statement on UK Modern Slavery Act of 2015.