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Cheques Scanning and Processing 

The Cheques Scanning and Processing solution manages the Bank’s Cheques Clearing center processes and operations. Product functionality covers the handling (scan, metadata update, sort, store) of the cheques' body as collected by the branches. 
Cheque scanning
Cheque scanning
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Handling over of 12.000 cheques per day
Benefits of our Solution
Automation of business processes.
Cheques management for any currency.
Metadata update (cheque amount, currency, date, branch etc) is performed through OCR.
Manual input and maintenance by the users is also available.
Application produces interface files for General Ledger update, reporting, statistics, cash letter for the correspondents or for internal use.
Regulatory and authorities obligations coverage.
Compatible with Burroughs NDP Quantum and Burroughs Smart Source.
What are the main modules?
  • Exchange Checks Management.
  • Outgoing Clearing for Local Banks (EUR currency).
  • Back Office Management.