Revolutionizing Consumer Experience

Retailers are reaching for innovative solutions to find new opportunities for generating revenue and building modern business models. As technologies and digital tools evolve, they have a greater influence not only on the services and products provided but also its culture, management, and workflow organization. Digital transformation offers new shopping experience in the physical stores and new digital channels to engage customers. 

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The physical store of today is all about branding, engagement and emotions

Customer experiences, expectations and engagement change over time.  Digitalization, personalization and modern in-store technology redefines and raises the shopping experience to the highest level. Digital in-shop content must bridge the gap between the on-line and the in-store engagement to create a consistent multichannel experience. Personalized content and entertainment activities mentioned as “retailtainment” will smooth waiting queues and will bring attention to the uniqueness and the vision of the brand.

Uni Systems can assist retailers to improve internal processes by modernizing legacy applications, to provide complete new shopping experience in physical shops via state-of-the-art technologies, and to improve customers’ insights by Big Data Analytics techniques for customer behavior, loyalty, retention and revenue assurance. 


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Extended experience in private sector and retail for more than 30 years. 

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Complex implementations in chain stores of more than 100 physical locations each.

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An innovative set of solutions provided by an expert group of professionals.

Sector Solutions

Digital Signage is the medium that addresses both internal and external communication channels to provide data and information, while digital in-shop content bridges the gap between the on-line and the in-store experience to create a consistent multichannel experience.

Personalized content and entertainment activities mentioned as "retailtainment" will ease unvoidable waiting queues and will bring attention to the uniqueness and the vision of the brand. The physical store of today is all about branding, engagement and emotions. Creating In-shop digital experiences that serve the company strategy and the investment, requires experience  and commiitment.

The key factors embedded in our proposition are outlined as follows:  

  • The purpose and the monitoring of results through quantifiable KPIs.  
  • The creation of engaging content, centrally scheduled and managed.  
  • The Proof of play for advertising time and effectiveness. 
  • The centrally controlled and monitored network of specialized digital signage monitors, of the correct size, in the correct placement and for the orrect purpose.  
  • The on-boarding of the customer's mobile devices and engagement through the provision of personnalized services - from location based services to personalized discounts.  
  • The positioning of in-shop sensors to evaluate heat-maps vs time vs sales.
  • Provision of real time analytics to evaluate, decide and correct the alternative customer journeys in each distinct shop.

Crowd management and behavior analysis solutions have always been considered of significant importance for the retail business aiming at increasing customer satisfaction, reducing waiting times, and improve retention. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, people count has an even higher mission to accomplish, for example keeping the health, safety and control measures enforced by the respective government authorities. Internet of Things (IoT) technologies can be the enabler for an intelligent monitoring platform combining motion sensors, crowd density cameras, AI, data analytics and digital signage to give directions to the people on top of optimizing the flow of traffic for customer satisfaction.

Key features include:

  • Total building occupancy Count-in/out 
  • Zone monitoring, heat maps / dwell times
  • Monitoring of queues
  • Traffic patterns and customer behaviour analysis
  • Historical data, staff planning, customer conversion rate, customizable KPIs
  • Integration with digital signage to give directions and alerts

Digital Queue Management Systems (DQMS), allow businesses and organizations to manage customer queues smartly and efficiently. Visitors can check-in via a smart device and wait remotely minimizing safety risks and enabling social distancing. DQMS can monitor real-time queuing data to increase customer satisfaction and enhance agents and service performance. 
Key features include:

  • Support for paper, e-tickets or SMS tickets
  • Mobile/Web check-in 100% contactless
  • Appointments schedule at convenient time slots
  • SMS alerts and updates
  • Queue status notifications on screen, self-sign-in kiosks, and clerk dashboard
  • Holistic reports and analytics for agents and visitors
  • Cloud based, easily upgradeable, flexible and effortless to set up
  • Integration with CRM and back-office systems

What's better than engaging the mobile customers or visitors while they are walking into venue with context aware information and actionable insights? Digitisation of retail store is achieved by leveraging the wi-fi network infrastructure and the knowledge of who and where the customers are. We can deliver multichannel engagement including sms, email, app push and increase in-store purchase opportunities for the registered shoppers.

Key features of the solution include:

  • Customer Identification/On boarding
  • Captive portal including T/C opt-in
  • Association with mobile app
  • Support of behavioral patterns, location based activity and personas
  • Multichannel Engagement (sms, email, app push, captive portal)
  • Seamless integration with CRM, Loyalty, PoS, order management systems

A wide range of mobile location-based services solutions fully integrated with the back-end infrastructure. Many ways to determine the location and many different technologies with pros and cons.  
Based on a detailed process of service design, Uni Systems develops and delivers a tailored made solution based on innovation, budget and best practices. 
LBS Services

•    Entertainment and visitor engagement
•    Location-based advertising & proximity campaigns
•    High-value assets tracking services
•    Wayfinding services & Location analytics

Technology includes: mobile app development, feature-rich map design, real-time routing, way-finding, beacons, wifi, GPS, anchor beacons, RFID and more.

Contactless asset tracking solution for inventory taking, based on modern RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. As a stand-alone solution, it is designed for the inventory-taking process and it is compatible with all accounting software or ERP, based on file exchange or low-level integration.

  • Compatible with any accounting or ERP software
  • Neat and functional user interface
  • Fast export to excel / csv – Fast import for data update
  • Browser based – no installation and settings
  • Individual access rights (user groups)
  • Works online in real time

Now the inventory taking lasts hours or minutes, instead of days or months with no touch of the items.

Case studies

WIND's Stores Modernisation

As part of WIND’s Shops modernization program, Uni Systems undertook the implementation and support of an end-to-end Digital Signage solution focusing on the improvement of customer journey and experience at the WIND Stores. 

Alfa Beta Vassilopoulos (AB) Digital Signage

The project included the study, proposal, supply, implementation, configuration and training on a new system for the display and collection of information through specialized Digital Signage equipment at two flagship Stores of AB Vassilopoulos (AB), the one at AB Elliniko in Attica and the other at AB Macedonia in Thessaloniki. The rollout for the rest of 300 AB shops all over Greece followed in due course.




  • Wind
  • Alfa Beta Vassilopoulos (AB)
  • Vivartia
  • Henkel Hellas
  • Unilever
  • Chipita
  • Coca-Cola HBC AG
  • FAGE
  • L' Oreal
  • Apivita
  • Beiersdorf AG
  • Famar
  • Avon
  • IKEA
  • Praktiker
  • SATO
  • The Mart Cash and Carry