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Combined Investment Products

The multi-year experience and deep knowledge of our Company in investment products, has led many Banks and Investment Institutions to assign to Uni Systems the development of their products. The products are composited and combined, with dynamic and flexible management.
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Extensive experience, working with banks and investment institutions
Benefits of our Products
Investment fund basket accounts
Client investments based on model portfolios (fund basket).
Fund basket contains mutual funds of any Fund house, currency and nationality.
Funds in a basket grouped according to risk and return expectations.
Investment accounts transactions are : Subscription and Redemptions.
Management transactions are : Rebalancing, Change Profile, Management fee charge.
Automated rebalancing with multiple and complex criteria.
Automated managed fee payment through redemption of shares in mutual funds.
Other investment structure products
Combined investment product in time deposit and selected mutual funds.
Combined investment product in savings account and mutual funds.
Personal Investment Plan through the creation of a portfolio tailored to the needs and instructions of each client, dynamically generated by mutual funds, guaranteed investment products and time deposits.


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More than 20 combined investment products developed.


Serving over of 120,000 investors.

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More than 35 years of solid experience in providing solutions for banks and investment  institutions.