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Product Studio envisioning and designing system is a complete, technologically advanced packaged solution, suitable for Financial Institutions seeking to incorporate product centric functionality into existing cumbersome legacy systems.
digital finance
digital finance

Product StudioIt covers a wide range of processes, such as product envisioning, design and fast product launch. This fast product launching feature, allows financial institutions to tailor new products, early launch them into the market, and stay ahead of competition while gaining significant competitive advantage. 

Additionally, through Product Studio one may define and associate multiple pricing policy schemes such as interest plans, commission plans, tax plans and service charge plans to the products defined in accordance to corporate policies. At the end, the system performs a product verification process, identifying duplicates and resolving inconsistencies, thus resulting in a valid set of Products and Services. 

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Improving legacy systems with Product Studio functionalities
What makes it unique?
Robust platform for Product, Event and Pricing Policy definition
Ability to define any product envisioned by the Marketing and Business Development department
Built in version control for product management
Resolution of duplications
Micro-services for product core functionalities
Parametric definition of security and access control
Continuous business process optimization and monitoring


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Retail & corporate Financial Institutions with 10 installations over the years.

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