What we do

We aim at transforming the societies around us toward a sustainable future. We commit ourselves to supporting our clients and stakeholders, addressing their challenges and sparking innovation across industries. Our comprehensive and innovative solutions and services portfolio is being constantly updated to meet their needs. 

Value added services

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    As ICT is increasingly becoming on of the most important enablers for businesses, consulting services have broadened and deepened their scope and necessity…

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    Enabling high-performance IT services and solutions for our customers has always been the focus of our efforts. At Uni Systems, we are dedicated in…

ICT Technology

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    ICT Infrastructure and operations (I&O) have undergone significant disruption, prompted by the rapid growth of modern architectures and technologies and…

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    In times when we need to offer more with less resources and take advantage of high speed, reliability, strategic edge and accessibility while enjoying…

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    As our lives are more and more depended on digital models that affect its social and economic aspects, it is inevitable that the needs for security increase…

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    It’s been some time since the time that monolithic enterprise applications dominated the IT environment. Today, the era calls for modern applications that…

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    In the era of the enormous loads of information and data coming from multiple sources and addressed to millions of users, data analytics technologies pave…

Transformation & Innovation

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    Emerging technologies are, by definition, new technologies. The term also describes the continuous transformation of existing ones. Currently developing…

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    A smart city is a place where traditional structures and services are being combined with digital and telecommunication…

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    Digital transformation calls for the incorporation of digital technologies inside an organization, covering all areas and departments, aiming at structural…

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    Our experience throughout the years has shown us that there is not a single proven formula for success, especially when it comes to creating innovative…