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Mutual Funds

The solution covers the needs of all the activities of a Mutual Fund Management Company as well as the representation of foreign UCITS. Τhere is a full automation of the sales network operations, the alternative channels and collaborating Insurance Companies and Banks.
Mutual Funds
executed payment
Full automation of processes for Mutual Fund Management Companies, Banks and Insurance Companies
Benefits of our Solution
Shareholders' Application
Customer-oriented management of customer information and data.
Real time online sales system (front office, shops, customer service centers, WEB applications).
Real time online interface with the Core Banking System, with fully automated payments.
Representation of foreign UCITS.
Full coverage of obligations to supervisory authorities including management of legitimization of revenues deriving from criminal activities (AML module).
Reporting for FATCA and CRS.
Management of specialized products such as: Investment accounts (mutual fund carts), Private and personal banking products containing mutual funds, Combined investment of savings accounts and mutual funds, Savings products of periodic payment, Unit Linked.
Interface with Document Management application through which the digitized information from documents is managed (applications, questionnaire, KYC documents, etc) from the Back Office Database. Also back office data are accessed from Document Management System.
Mutual Funds Portfolio Management Application
Mutual Funds Management in investment portfolios with particular emphasis on institutional constraints and automation of all tasks.
The funds may invest in all kinds of investments (equities, bonds, repos, swap, derivatives etc).
The management of Mutual Funds covers all their categories including Fund of Funds and Index Funds.
Share classes are also supported.



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