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Bank Assurance 

Uni Systems products “Internal Variable Funds” and “UL-iSeries” in Bank Αssurance business, strengthen the relationship of trust between the bank and the customer. They offer insurance products and insurance benefits to the bank's customers, saving time and money and developing a dynamic, fully parametrized business process. 
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Investment in over 2.000 mutual funds of any currency.
Benefits of our Products
Internal Variable Funds (IVF):
Manages collective investments (Individual life plans, Group pension plans, Retirement plans etc.) through sub funds.
Monitors Investment transactions per-client, per-contract and per-IVF.
Investment portfolios monitoring is achieved through full automation of all daily and periodical events.
All types of investments (equities, mutual funds, bonds, repos, swap, derivatives etc) are supported.
UL -iSeries:
Unit Linked products management.
Automation of Banking and Insurance processes.
Unit Linked products invests on mutual funds of any currency, either Greek or foreign.
Investment monitoring per client contracts.
Communication with any mutual fund management company or any Internal Variable Funds’ application.
Clients transactions are carried out and monitored per clients contract and generate subscription or redemption applications in mutual funds.
Client transactions clearing may generate real time online credit/debit transactions of the Core Banking System.
General Ledger updating through automated accounting entries.


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Support Multinational Insurance Companies.


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