Treasury and Risk in partnership with Finastra for Mid-sized Banking institution

Operating within a highly unpredictable financial environment with the rapidly emerging fintech developments, currency movements, commodity price shifts, and the increasing need for digital services, makes treasury and risk management a challenging, yet, imperative task.

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Τhe Customer

Our client is a mid-sized banking institution with over 20 branches offering a wide range of banking, brokerage and investment services. Currently, the bank implements its ongoing technological plan, which includes investments in the field of modern banking technologies and the development of alternative networks in order to be able to provide its customers with contemporary banking services and products while offering them a satisfying banking experience. 


The banking institution, through its technological plan aimed at meeting the following objectives: 

  • Tackle extensive and effective asset classes coverage and pricing.
  • Minimize the degree of manual processes.
  • Optimize specific functional areas by eliminating fragmented IT systems.

Finastra’s Fusion Treasury and Fusion Risk, alongside Uni Systems’ services, aimed at offering a high degree of automation and allowing the Bank to grow and achieve its strategic goal for development. 

Fusion Treasury handles all types of financial market transactions, manages portfolios, displays positions and P/L in real time, calculates the value and exposure of any combination of financial operations, retrieves prices and product characteristics automatically from external data feeds, provides help in decision-making, and interfaces with existing external environments including electronic trading systems, back-office systems, databases, etc.
Comprehensive straight through processing (STP) with a continuous workflow that reduces settlement risk, avoids data replication, automates front-to-back workflow, and reduces the probability of mismatched data.



Fusion Treasury

Fusion Risk

Project Details
  • Powerful pricing engines covering all treasury products.
  • Automated workflows leading to increased accuracy and efficiency, thus reducing Operational Risk.
  • Seamless integration between Front, Back and Risk offering the ability to analyze and forecast with one integrated solution, for the generation of coherent data and to enable better decision making and efficient communication. 

Fusion Treasury has been installed to enable growth both horizontally and vertically, with a view to increasing customer satisfaction. 
The bank is becoming agile and ready to anticipate and respond to changes and new regulatory impacts without having the need to replace all existing treasury frameworks.