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Transform your legacy monolithic application to a modern service oriented architecture.
Uni Systems applies its experience in Banking and Financial sector’s IT projects implementation and integration to create a unique tool that assists Business Analysts and Application Developers in “reading”, “understanding” and “formalizing”, poorly documented legacy applications, that need to be re-designed and re-implemented under new standards (ex. SOA, micro-services architecture).

TOTEM is a unique tool that has been created to meet the needs that many Banks and other large institutions worldwide are facing, thus, to re-engineer and modernize their existing complex legacy applications in a more efficient way. Furthermore, it aims at exploring new architecture standards like SOA, micro-services, Open Banking, through the use of modern technologies and tools, without losing the critical “knowledge” that is contained in these applications and their specifications, most of which are not available any more.  

Banks need to be part of the new digital world and fight for their market position and existing customer base, as fintech companies and neo-banks are challenging their market share. Therefore, they need to take advantage of all available tools, that help to make our world interconnected and transform our IT systems into more efficient, user-friendly and flexible ones! 

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Our tool to assist in Application Modernization
What makes TOTEM unique?

TOTEM has been developed internally to provide with the ability to “read” all the specifications existing in the code of legacy applications, in a comprehensive way; large comprehensive fragments of the existing code are read with the assistance of TOTEM to generate pseudo-code that can be understood by a business analyst with no knowledge of COBOL, and with low knowledge of the domain logic can analyze the business logic using the automatically generated logical flows for each piece of code selected. TOTEM supports the redesign phase of the existing system taking advantage of parts of the existing applications that can be exploited in a modern WEB API way.

The supported programming languages are  COBOL OS 2200, PowerBuilder, Visual Basic 6.0,Transact-SQL (T-SQL), RPG, Borland Delphi. For not listed languages, a parser plugin could be developed to further facilitate the process. 

Offline application analysis
Traceability - First approach
Source code versioning support
Legacy application documentation
Easy source code navigation
High speed search – seconds for millions of LOC
New system specification