WIND's Stores Modernisation

As part of WIND’s Shops modernization program, Uni Systems undertook the implementation and support of an end-to-end Digital Signage solution focusing on the improvement of customer journey and experience at the WIND Stores. 

Τhe Customer

WIND Hellas is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Greece. Established in 1992, WIND has consistently invested in technology and provided integrated mobile, fixed, internet and Pay TV solutions to its customers. WIND is focused on mobile and fixed ultra-high-speed networks. Meanwhile, WIND has launched its own streaming TV service. WIND VISION is a new Android TV that takes user experience to the next level. It brings together a wealth of on-demand streaming, user-generated video content, and traditional TV channels into an open platform.


The goal for WIND was to create a friendly, differentiated store experience that helps customers and staff to better engage with the brand, products and services, through: 
•    A differentiated, welcoming, warm & eclectic look and feel.
•    Communicating the active, dynamic, honest aspects of the brand.
•    Improving the customer experience.
•    Favoring stronger staff & customer engagement thus increasing sales opportunities.


The Digital Signage solution was implemented by Uni Systems and includes displays and management from the Samsung, mounts from Unitech Systems, and interactive applications from Acquire.

It comprises of the following parts: indoor and semi outdoor displays mounted at the stores, MagicINFO for monitoring and management, and Acquire interactive applications.

Digital signage creates an emotional connection with shoppers at the WIND Stores and improves the customer experience by providing tailored, engaging communication. 

The Interactive Applications allow Stores’ visitors to choose and combine WIND services and products in order to get a best-fit bundle offer.

Project Details

As part of WIND’s Shops modernization, roughly 1.500 displays were installed across 180 WIND stores.

Samsung MagicINFO enables seamless display and content management remotely. WIND can publish promotions across stores nationwide at the push of a button. Also, MagicINFO is a central remote service solution allowing the monitoring of displays. Indoor displays deliver a wider spectrum of colors, ensuring every image stays on-brand and enhances on-screen text resulting in every message being clearly visible. Semi-outdoor displays which are capable of ultrahigh brightness show information outside the store window for capturing the attention at high-traffic locations. Acquire Digital develops two distinctive and unique interactive applications, both designed to generate intrigue and increase customer participation. 

Throughout the project, Project Management was provided by UniSystems, for the supervision of on-site works, communication between collaborating parties and the monitoring of and reporting on the progress of the project.


Engaging Consumers: Digital signage is a leading communication solution in the WIND’s stores. The modern places are more effective at engaging consumers and changing buying behavior than any other form of media. 

Greater Satisfaction: The technology improvements have a huge effect on the customers’ overall experiences and help lead to better customer retention.

Reduced waste and operating costs: Print advertising is quickly made obsolete, and when it is no longer relevant, it has to be replaced. With Digital Signage solution, all the marketing has to do, is to create a new file and upload it to the displays in real time.

Provide interactivity: Interactive content is ideal for reducing perceived waiting times and for linking a positive message with the brand.