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Resourceful administration for public entities
At a time when local governmental authorities are seeking ways to reduce resources and provide better, faster, secure and cost effective services through citizen-friendly digital tools, Q-Prime suite capitalises on years of experience and expertise.

qprimeQ-Prime Suite is a flexible administration platform that covers the requirements of a broad spectrum of public administration entities, including ministries, hospitals, universities, public entities, local & regional authorities. With modules for back-office processes (ERP/Financials-Accounting, Budgeting & Control, Citizen Registry, Information System of Citizens’ & Organizations’ Payments Protocol / Case Management) and a multi-channel front-end system for quick and reliable citizen e-services it allows public entities to provide citizen-centric services.

The suite is developed internally and includes modules like ERP Systems (Financial Management, Accounting, Budgeting & Control, Assets, Citizen Registry, Municipalities Tax Calculation and Collection, Billing & Payments Serices), eServices (e.g. Citizen Online Services, Case Management, Billing & Payment Services), Water Supply and Sewerage Management, Protocol Management, and Document & Distribution Management System. 

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Citizen-centric administration, faster, better & secure services to all
What makes it unique?
Automating the end-to-end processes and services in line with the applicable legislation.
Ensure compliance with the national legislation.
Eliminate duplicate work and manual interfaces between various systems.
Improves the dissemination of information.
Improves services in terms of speed and quality.
Enhances online presence through various online channels.
Provides real-time insights.
Provides high quality, timely and accurate information to local authorities.
Increases staff productivity, supports management of resources and reduces administrative burden through the process automation.
Provides extended reporting and performance analytics.


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Over 30 years of large-scale projects implementation. 


Deployed IT projects in more than 200 Regional – Local Government Authorities and Legal Entities of Public & Private Sectors.

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Leading software suite in Public Regional & Local Authorities. 

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More than 30 expert consultants to provide operational support and to reduce human error in compliance tasks and increase security. 

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Extended nationwide network of partners.