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A comprehensive and dynamic solution that covers holistically public works' management through cost accounting and financial tools that address the contemporary construction companies' needs.
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ACE_ecmThe organizational and operational challenges faced by engineering and construction companies engaged in public sector projects, are tackled by ACE ERP eCM, the comprehensive and reliable solution that entails modules for finance, cost accounting, logistics, contracts, service and CRM, which can be easily integrated with other ERP systems, at any time.

ACE ERP eCM eases the work of civil engineers in the context of public works
What differentiates ACE ERP eCM?
Unified, functional and integrated working environment.
Ability to import - export data of any format (text, xls, pdf, html, xml).
Personalized customization and display functions at all points. Import, design & management by user, forms, fields and functions, attachment & management of documents, regardless of application.
Automatic, web-based version activation and upgrade to significantly reduce costs and time.
Rich pre-installed library of articles and materials.
Easy implementation of complex functions through wizards.
Multi-user interface with different access levels.
Installation on a single server and distributed operation on other computers, via a simple shortcut.

Over 30 years of experience in the Construction Industry Software


Over 30 years of experience in the Construction Industry Software.

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Serving more than 400 Construction Companies and Independent Contractors in Greece.


Used by more than 300 Technical Departments in the Public Sector.


One of the leading experts in public works procedures and legislation.

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Advisor and partner of the Construction Companies Association in Greece.

Which version do I need?

ACE ERP modularity and flexibility allows easy customization and configuration on standard applications to simplify the operations of the industry.

ACE ERP eCM is the complete solution supporting public works organization and project management, and
ACE ERP PM is the application that assists project managers by effectively linking cost, construction and financial activities together.

Developed internally by our experienced team, the eCM and PM applications cover the financial, costing and project management needs of the construction and technical companies, regardless of their size.