BIO-STREAMS: Research and Innovation Action for underage obesity prevention

The kick-off meeting for the Bio-streams project (“Multi-Pillar Framework for children Anti-Obesity Behaviour building on an EU biobank, Micro Moments, and Mobile Recommendation Systems”), was held in Athens on May 24th and 25th.


Our Research, Development, and Innovation team is now involved in a new European project that aims at supporting the optimal use (and re-use) of health data (e.g. biological, demographic, epigenetic, etc.) to generate metadata/knowledge and provide new evidence, methodologies, and tools for a) creating and deploying the Bio-Streams Biobank that will act as a scientific platform for research in obesity and better diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, b) understanding the transition from metabolically healthy to unhealthy, preventing under age obesity, c) designing better strategies to educate and empower young citizens for weight self-management and d) coordinating authorities and policymakers to develop cross-sectoral solutions for health promotion and underage obesity prevention.

More specifically, with the cooperation of twenty-nine European partners/beneficiaries, coming from a diverse set of companies, organizations, and esteemed universities, the project will deliver a  dedicated underage  obesity biobank providing real-world health data (including biospecimens, anthropometrics, behavioral and cost data) from retrospective and prospective sources, while taking into account efficient data harmonization and standardization principles, transforming data valorization towards underage obesity prevention and future research.

The Bio-streams project will have a 48-month duration with a designated completion date 30th of April 2027.