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Contact centers are the very essence of communication between companies and their customers. They are the lively organizations within the organization that guide, host, and manage all customer interactions, regardless of channels and customer needs. 

Questioning the effectiveness and reliability in times of change 

What do diverse customer issues and business processes, handled by multiple channels and communication tools, require? The answer is rather simple: reliable and robust contact centers, with their agents being on call and always available to handle requests, no matter the circumstances. We witnessed this fact, first-hand, during the recent health crisis, which forced abrupt changes to both contact center operations and consumer behavior. A number of contact centers were unprepared for the challenge that disrupted their operations on multiple levels. The new reality they needed to adapt to, made it difficult to support business growth, due to technology limitations at a percentage that almost reached 26%, with IT/technology problems inhibiting the ability to Work from Home close to 43% and a shift in overall business strategy over 47%, according to studies

With the use of legacy systems, the situation is even more complicated, facing limited functionalities, expensive maintenance, excessive costs when it comes to investments in new systems and, in certain cases, migrations to newest versions.

Uni Systems and Genesys believe that contact centers and customer support teams, that are always on the front lines, should be free from cost and complexity burdens and be able to trust their systems with a future proof optichannel platform, delivered over the cloud. 

Challenging the future with cloud

Don’t we all want to be able to envision the future, start planning on new investments and be prompt when it comes to confronting the challenges of technology changes and increasing customer needs? 

We consider the spearhead of these efforts to be the migration to Genesys Cloud Solutions, enabling easy transition to more flexible, highly reliable and secure contact center models. 
The Genesys Cloud platforms are designed to take full advantage of modern cloud strategies and technologies. An open, microservices-based architecture, API-first development, open data and artificial intelligence (AI) allows for rapid innovation, agility and resilience while at the same time, its contemporary design optimizes the CX tech stack so one can focus on configuring and harmonizing only the tools the business needs, with minimal disruption.

Genesys Cloud CX & Genesys Multicloud CX


Simple to integrate with existing systems or to extend functionality and enables agents to quickly master its interface and craft more personalized, empathetic customer experiences.


10 Benefits


The replacement of outdated, legacy and less flexible systems with cloud-based customer experience solutions leads to effective agents and satisfied customers. What could the measurable outcomes be for an organization that decides to take the next step, toward a cloud contact center?

Below you may find some examples of such cases: 


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The transformation journey from a legacy contact center system to a contemporary cloud application needs well-planned and executed strategy and the vision for the ideal customer experience over any channel. Our aim in every implementation is to eliminate unnecessary risk, wasteful costs and complexity and accelerate time to measurable business value.

Why Genesys

Genesys is the global leader in cloud customer experience and contact center solutions, trusted by 7,000 customers across the globe. 
The company is named a leader in the 2021 Gartner Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) Magic Quadrant report

Why Uni Systems

Uni Systems, is a long-standing strategic ICT partner to financial institutions, public organizations, telecom operators, enterprises and institutions in the European region, providing integrated solutions and value added services. With a long-standing and strategic partnership with Genesys, Uni Systems demonstrates over 20 implementations and 13+ active contracts in the wider SE European region.


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