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Mutual Funds | Investment Management Solutions 

The Funds are, for several decades now, one of the most effective forms of investment in an international level. Alongside investment funds, a variety of investment products are offered to investors to in order to facilitate access to profit opportunities offered by the global markets accompanied by a professional management of the investment.

Uni Systems targeted solutions in this market branch already complete 20 years of successful applications and provide integrated solutions designed to fully cover the needs of banking entities, Mutual Funds, GMF Companies and other investment companies operating in this market.

The solution covers the IT needs of all the activities of a Mutual Fund Management Company as well as the representation of foreign UCITS. There is a full automation of the sales network operations, the alternative channels, of the collaborating Insurance Companies and Banks.The basic functionality of the applications composing the solution is as follows:

Shareholders Application

  • Customer-oriented management of customer information and records;
  • Real-time / on-line sales’ system (front-office, shops, customer service centers, internet); 
  • Real-time / online connection with the Central Banking System, with full automation of payments to bank accounts; 
  • Representation of foreign UCITS.  
  • Management of specialised products such as: 
  • Investment accounts (mutual fund carts): Combined investments of Greek and International MF;
  • Private and personal banking products containing MF;
  • Combined investment of savings accounts and MF;
  • Savings’ products of periodic payment;
  • Unit Linked.

  • Full coverage of obligations by supervisory authorities including management of legitimisation of revenues deriving from criminal activities; 
  • Interconnection with Document Management application through which the digitised information through documents is managed (applications, certification certificates, etc.) within the Back Office Database. 

Mutual Funds Portfolio Management Application

Mutual Funds’ Management in investment portfolios with particular emphasis on institutional constraints and automation of all tasks.All kinds of investments (equities, bonds, repos, swap, derivatives etc.) may belong to the portfolio of the fund. The management of Mutual Funds covers all their categories including Fund of Funds and Index Funds. 


e-MFunfds platform is an online platform addressed both to individual investors (B2C version) and the partners "Sellers / Investment advice» (B2B version) of banking institutions, Mutual Funds and other investment companies.
Through the platform, the investor has a full picture of the investment and is able to manage his/her investment portfolio. 

To summarise, the competences of the Web-Platform are:

  • Creation of a new Investment Registry (Investment Account);
  • BackOffice approval procedure for new customers and registers;
  • Holding in products defined by each investment fund and any currency;
  • On-line real time redemptions of shares of mutual funds;
  • On-line real time conversion of shares and change of investment placement;
  • A variety of IT screens through which informations about the portfolio and transactions of each investor are received.

Investment fund cart accounts

The product manages the investments of clients in model portfolios (mutual fund carts), which consist of Funds of predetermined proportions, both Greek and foreign, of any currency. 

The movements in the investment accounts are effected per Agreement and are either investment (Investments, Acquisitions) or management (Reallocation, Change Profile, Yield management fee) movements. The characteristics of the movements are:

  • Investments and acquisitions are carried out by way of automatic sharing of the participation or acquisition amount, to the current ratio of the mutual funds it consists of;
  • The redistribution of current investment is effected through multiple and complex criteria: either to the original ratio of the model portfolio, either to the current ratio set by the Manager for the most recent version of the model portfolio, either to a new ratio of another model portfolio (answering to any customer requests for Change Profile);
  • The payment of the Management fee is an automated operation and is implemented through due requests for redemption of shares in mutual funds. 

Combined investment product in term deposit and selected mutual funds

The term deposit can be in any currency while the mutual funds can be both managed and represented by any Fund House.

Combined investment product in savings account and mutual funds

The mutual funds can be either managed or represented by any Fund House.

Private Investment Program

The application manages the Personal Investment Plan (Personal Banking) through the creation of a portfolio tailored to the needs of each client, dynamically generated by mutual funds, guaranteed investment products and term deposits.

Investment products specific characteristics

Management of investment products with special features such as: Participation through subscriptions of a specific period of time, Liquidation and valuation in a weekly basis, investment capital protection upon expiry of the product. 

The banking organisations, developing a personal relationship with their existing customers, are using insurance products for the benefit of their clients, who save time and money while maintaining the relationship of trust with their bank. The relationship of trust between the bank and the customer is strengthened by the Bankassurance solutions supported by Uni Systems.

Internal Variable Funds Management

The application of Internal Variable Funds (IVF) manages collective investments (Individual life plans, Group pension plans, Retirement plans etc.) through subfunds (IVF). The management of investment movements (investments - acquisitions) is effected on a per client, per contract and per IVF-basis. The monitoring of the investment portfolios of the IVF is achieved through full automation of all daily and periodical acts. All types of investments (equities, mutual funds, bonds, repos, swap, derivatives etc.)may belong to the IVF portfolio.

UL -iSeries

UL-iSeries software implements a complete Bankassurance application for the management of Unit Llinked products at the iSeries (AS / 400) platform, which includes the entire turnover of the insurance company, the mutual funds and the sales’ network. any mutual funds of any currency, either Greek or foreign are the investment subject of Unit Linked products, while the basis for the investment monitoring is the contract signed by the client. There are possibilities of communication with any mutual fund management company (Mutual Funds) or any Internal Variable Funds’ application. The various transactions are carried out per contract and generate holding applications or redemptions in mutual funds, while their liquidation, have the may be subject to real time online credit-debit of the Central Banking System. There is also a connection with the General Accounting through automated accounting articles.

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