Insurance Solutions

Τhe complex and lengthy procedure management of insurance contract claims can be a very time and resources consuming process.For that reason, the process should be fully automated based on necessary documentation, workflow, monitoring, communication with insurance agents and customers. During this process a lot of mistakes, loss of documents, misunderstandings and delays may occur, that makes costly and not credible the whole process. Multiple forms, backlog management and communication and costs related to procedures, can be performed quickly and efficiently via electronic recording, monitoring and information archiving.

Similar problems may occur at the Claims Management process, where the “claim folder” has to be processed by several departments within the Insurance Company simultaneously.The administration and processing of insurance applications all the way through the relevant contracts creation, together with the capture and storage of all supporting documentation, can now be a task to be fulfiled fast and seamlessly with our Insurance solutions.Uni Systems’ Insurance solutions cover Insurance Contract Origination Automation & Insurance Claims Process Management.


General Insurance Solutions

Our solutions, tailored to meet the needs of the insurance companies, are based on state-of-the-art technologies, both in terms of software and equipment, and extended business expertise, deliver to the insurance field of:

  • Automation of the contract origination process, starting with the electronic capture and recognition of the application and its accompanying documentation, followed by the workflow management between agents/ brokers and the company, through the automated electronic creation and archiving of the contract;
  • Process Management of any Claim, staring with the capture and recognition of the claim documentation and following the process flow that the company wishes to follow.

Key Benefits:

  • Significant Cost Reduction with the elimination of paper volume as well as the minimization of the processing time;
  • Agent and Staff Productivity improvement;
  • Time efficiency, minimizing the time of application – approval –contract production and archiving;
  • Standardization and Optimization of the Processes and the Workflows;
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction;
  • Provision of accurate information for the status of an application  at any step of the application process;
  • Consolidation of the archiving operations;
  • Increased Security by controlled personnel access to the company data;
  • Audit efficiency and accuracy;
  • Minimum time-to-market providing to the insurance company the ability to launch new products and services faster and in a more efficient way;
  • Guaranteed delivery success for the selected solution.

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