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The new era in banking technology requires fresh approach, while banking institutions strive to be more flexible and to substitute rigid solutions that were designed for an earlier, different and more stable economic world. Financial industries have to be adaptive and competitive. Our technologically advanced products and services fully meet both these needs. Flexibility, Functionality and Reliability are the key words when it comes to our products.

Our vision is to provide innovative software solutions, built on the highest quality standards, which will harness the latest technology and shape a new landscape in the financial services arena. We have created a network of experienced partners in the financial services markets, from implementation experts to software partners, in order to provide our clients substantial added value and clear return on investment through our solutions.

Core Banking Architecture: We are fully dedicated to continuous evolution and innovation of our products and services, in order to deliver our customers substantial added value. Our future strategy is based upon product innovation and continuous process improvement. Our commitment is to offer innovative and technologically (along with functionally) advanced solutions in financial services, in order to provide substantial value and clear ROI through our solutions to our customers. To better cope  with  the  need to constantly evaluate and redefine its service and product offering, an organization needs to take advantage and utilize modern technologies that allow for greater operational efficiency. To this end, UniSystems has chosen Microsoft’s Windows 200x as its solutions’ platform, using an  n-tier distributed architecture and employing technologies such as .NET, COM+, Web Services and  MSMQ for building its products.

bMASTER© Enterprise Banking System

bMASTER© Enterprise Banking System, the packaged solution developed by Uni Systems in the area of Core Banking, is a complete, technologically advanced and flexible applications platform that can cover a wide range of banking operations in retail banking, wholesale and corporate banking through all alternative channels available. Its architectural design is based on a flexible structure of modules that are parametric and customer-focused, thus supporting a multi-currency function and multiple accounting standards as well as operating at multiple sites in different countries, business zones and languages (multi-site operations).

The flexible structure of the package helps the bank’s administration to depict easily and quickly the bank’s strategy in the system and to monitor its progress and materialization with the use of advanced tools.In addition, the package includes an extensive reporting system, which has been based on the Business Intelligence approach; at the same time, the package possesses capabilities for the integration of information from external sources due to its open architecture, thus offering valuable information and help in making business decisions concerning the management of the bank. The package is a low-cost offering with minor performance risk and lasting effects.

bMASTER Offspring products:

Product Studio envisioning and designing System is a complete, technologically advanced packaged solution, suitable for Financial Institutions seeking to incorporate Product Centric functionality into existing cumbersome legacy systems.  It covers a wide range of processes, such as product envisioning, design and fast product launch. This fast product launching feature, allows the marketing department of financial institutions to tailor new products, early launch them into the market, and stay ahead of competition while gaining significant competitive advantage.

bTRADER Foreign Exchange Platform is designed to  automate your Foreign Exchange business (Bureau De Change). It is a multi-currency package specifically designed for Foreign Currency Exchange Offices and Financial Companies, involved primarily with Currency Exchange, Traveller's Cheques and Bank Notes.

Keeping track, updating and distributing signature specimens of authorized employees is a burden that banks are forced to undertake. DAS Digital Authorized Signatures application replaces the cumbersome signature book used currently with a multipurpose signature authorization platform. Using this platform, the bank insures that every time a payment order or a legal document is brought to the bank clerk of the correspondent bank, he can visually validate the signature presented along with the authorization level of the employee, thus minimizing risk and increasing efficiency.

Today’s fast-paced, competitive marketplaces means increasing pressure to raise profits, do more with less and operate more efficiently. Achieving these goals requires faster and improved decision-making ability across your entire organization. Unfortunately in many organizations, departments continue to operate in information silos. Existing enterprise systems often are not linked and software packages are not integrated. Decision makers have difficulty getting consistent and accurate information that they need to make informed decisions quickly. uniBI Business Intelligence and Reporting platform, based on the tools and solutions of Microsoft SQL Server technology (Data Warehouse, Data Marts, OLAP tools and  Data Analysis Services) and on a robust business model that  covers all the information needs of a financial institution (from  a decision support, operational, auditing and risk perspective). This open architectural design allows the gathering of information from multiple sources (within and outside the solution) in order to provide value-added information and aid management in decision making and business planning.

eLOANS© Consumer Finance Solution

In recent years several factors forced everyday banking to evolve. New service channels were established providing value added services to the consumer. Economic slowdown has affected consumer expenditure, making purchase financing a critical tool in order to maintain or even increase sale levels. Traditional Banks have now to compete with retail firms entering  the Financial Services market,  using their already established brand name and convenient place stores,as well as the low-cost marketing channels for financial products, utilizing their cross selling capabilities.

As profit margins decrease banks are forced to re-engineer the Branch as their traditional delivery channel.eLOANS Consumer Finance Solution  can suit Banks or Specialized Financial Divisions (hybrid schemes financial subsidiaries of retail firms, big retailers that self-finance their products) that focus on an extended network of Business Partners that act as intermediaries to the end consumer. The model suites any type of organization or can serve multiple parallel or alternative networks of business units from top strategic partnerships, down to the point of sales and salespersons. 

uniBPM Business Process Management System

Since the financial crisis, financial services have come under huge pressure to improve business and operational efficiency and the same time reduce operational costs. Competition, silo’d business units, efficiency in operation and compliance are just a few key issues being raised. Critical to the bank’s efforts success will be a combination of customer centricity and streamlining end-to-end processes across products or silos.

uniBPM Business Process Management system is designed to fully automate, execute and monitor procedures carried out within the financial institution, driving costs and overall resource efficiencies down.  It provides a single coherent project and process platform to plan, develop, release, maintain and support their systems and services. The application architecture supports, agile business process management, service oriented architecture (SOA) and Web service-based model. 


CREDITplus Lending Management System

The moment is decisive for Banking and Finance industry, as it faces increasing pressure to undertake change and return to growth, positioned in the middle of one of the most tumultuous financial climates of recent history. Regulatory compliance and risk management procedures are integral parts of the banking business. Today more than ever huge credit losses and continuing regulatory control are forcing banks to reconsider and improve credit business processes. 

CREDITplus Lending Management System is a complete end-to-end loan management system that is secure, scalable, flexible, and quick to implement, hence providing the bank complete control and management over its exposure and collateral coverage. It enables seamless integration with all third-party applications, including in-house banking software, to facilitate simple and complex credit management.

CREDITplus Offspring products:

CREDITsecure collateral management platform is a complete, technologically advanced packaged solution designed to automate the collateral registration and monitoring process. The main objective of the system is to register charges and collateral(s) created by borrowers on both movable and immovable properties thus securing credit facilities provided by lenders. 
In addition, the registry provides information on the existence of relationships between lenders and borrowers as they relate particularly to movable and immovable collateral(s) as well as other ancillary functions the system has been designed taking into consideration the demanding needs of financial institutions specializing in loans. 
It distinguishes the collateral into two sections. The first section is the physical part of the collateral (object) that contains the general characteristics regarding the collateral whilst the second section is the legal part of the collateral. This section is responsible for recording the legal binding of the collateral between the customer and the bank.

CREDITlimits provides centralized, online tracking of multi-currency limits within the entire bank. It allows for several credit lines per customer. Limits can be granted at customer level or may be granted to a group of customers. This is especially useful in the case where the bank wishes to monitor corporate exposure comprising of several entities. CREDITlimit supports, Multi-level limit definition (tree structure), Multi-currency limit definition, Daily automatic revaluation of foreign currency limits, On-line, real-time exposure tracking and utilization management, Multiple limit behavior (revolving/non-revolving limits), Multi-option (umbrella) functionality in order to cover facility needs of corporate customers, Temporary Limits & Limit Reallocation, Contract Management, Commitment fee management and utilization schedule, Posting of unutilized amounts to off balance GL Accounts.

CREDITaid Debt Recovery System is a modern debt recovery management solution, which manages the coordination of efforts for collection of delinquencies from any type of products (loans and credit cards, overdraft, excesses, invoices, etc.). The solution is based on a flexible business model for arrears management, and can be applied either at the call center division (which manages the collection of arrears) or at multiple locations covering specific market and area needs. Built using customer and product centricity this product is guaranteed to deliver value by greatly enhancing overall efficiency. It incorporates high degree of parameterization; nothing in the system is hard-coded. Its flexible nature allows management to map the debt recovery strategy, by setting rules and handling instructions for each type of debt into the system, and through management decision-making tools (Business Intelligence) to monitor its execution.

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