Business Process Optimization

Business Process Optimization Solutions

Uni Systems offers the most sophisticated Business Rules Management System, which provides environmental planning, implementation and management of business logic applications. In the field of Enterprise Content Management systems, a large portfolio of technologies is available, providing banks groundbreaking storage solutions, document management processes and workflow (eg flows approvals) providing significant savings in time and money. The Company combines Content Management services, along with applications and e-commerce solutions, enabling communication and information dissemination through Internet. 

The combination of electronic security products and the available certifications, fully shield the applications and confirm the high degree of integration of these packages. Among the major projects implemented by Uni Systems Banking Sector team, there are «Enterprise wide» infrastructure implementations for combined use of Content Management technologies, Business Process and Business Rule Management supporting automation and management of Retail Banking products as well as of Workflow & Document Management projects.


Check Scanning and Processing

Uni Systems holds a unique position in the market as regards Check Scanning and Processing, making available the most comprehensive, reliable and successful solutions. 
These solutions portfolio cover full range of electronic scanning, processing and management requirements, from the branch level, to central office, where a large volume of checks is being processed. 

Uni Systems has developed an application which via UNISYS equipment covers the full functionality of the Bankng organization in the following business areas:

  • Outbound clearing management;
  • Foreign Currency Check Management;
  • Incoming Traditional Clearing management;
  • Outbound Traditional Clearing management;
  • Check as collaterals management.  


UniSystems Headquarters

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