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Secure by design

As our lives are more and more depended on digital models that affect its social and economic aspects, it is inevitable that the needs for security increase. Information systems and networks are becoming more vulnerable to malicious attacks, human carelessness and natural disasters, which are getting more complex as technology evolves. The pandemic was a further destabilizing factor as, according to the UN, an increase of 350% was marked in phishing attacks only in the first quarter of 2020 while analysts estimate that more than 36 billion records were exposed in the first 6 months of the same year. With more devices than people on the planet, effective cybersecurity measures are the answer to this great challenge.

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Are you security-ready to challenge accelerated digitalisation?

Digital Capabilities

At Uni Systems, we believe that ICT security must be fully integrated in the initial design of each system and network; it must constitute an integral design component of these systems. As cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated and the use of devices multiplies, along with the cloud applications and data-intensive collaboration tools, security should be embedded in the design of each system.

We are aware that any leak or misuse of data would cause extensive damage in the credibility and the reputation of every company and it is of our utmost concern to safeguard them. We provide a holistic cybersecurity approach that covers systems and applications, networks, data and information. Towards that, we propose a consolidated threat management strategy with automations across layers of interest such as monitoring and detection, investigation and recovery. 

Our Offerings

With numerous projects around Europe and an evolving team of security professionals we provide consultation security services related to the development of general or specific policies for organizations of all sizes. 

Threat Detection and Response 
NG Firewalls / IDS/IPS 
Access Control BYΟD
Email and Web Security
Advanced Malware Protection
Security Orchestration
Network Visibility and Security Management
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Security and risk challenges have to be adjusted to business impact and operational needs. Securing remote workforce, managing vulnerability, detecting and promptly responding, cloud safeguarding, classifying & protecting data and automating risk assess
What we deliver

Uni Systems delivers a holistic approach for the protection of information assets in order to minimize risks and impact on customer’s business operations. Our advisory, implementation and optimization services aim to reduce complexity and lower total cost of ownership by automating key security operations and keep customers secure at all times.  

Network Security Architecture and Integration
Security Audit and Assessment
Development of information security policies & procedures
Security Awareness Programs
Development of an Information Security Management System
Risk assessment
Baseline assessment
Technical security assessment
Secure Development Lifecycle services
Consulting services
Product studies
Security audits & penetration and stress testings