Doing things in a smart way

Our experience throughout the years has shown us that there is not a single proven formula for success, especially when it comes to creating innovative solutions. Most of the existing organizations in the ICT industry, are better in executing, than creating solutions, and most of them have succeeded mostly by optimizing their existing business, than by creating and offering game-changing services.

For an organization to be able to structure, organize, and encourage innovation and creativity internally, it needs to implement a variety of different applications and processes. Encouraging innovation, investing in new ideas, discovering new areas,  launching new products or services, adapting and scaling up quickly to new offerings, motivating and rewarding creativity are key challenges for successful organizations.

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Data is the new gold. We need to capture, store and use it.

Digital Capabilities

At Uni Systems, we distinctly believe in the transforming power of innovation and creativity. We try hard to foster and create an internal business and working environment that promotes innovation, creativity and new ideas. We consider this our key ticket for the future. We encourage new ideas internally, we collaborate with our partner ecosystem to get business and technology insights, and we constantly experiment in various forefront technologies.

Our Offerings

The RD&I Department has realized several pioneering projects, partly supported by EU and national funding. The main areas of expertise include: 

Future Internet 
Cloud-based applications
IT Monitoring and Intelligence
M2M Sensor Networks
Global Monitoring and Security
Ambient Assisted Living
Location-based and context-aware applications
Software platforms (middleware, agent platforms)
3G/4G wireless, mobile, satellite and hybrid systems
E-Collaboration and e-Learning technologies
Training Simulator
executed payment
Adopting innovation has always been part of our strategy and vision
What we deliver

Through these activities, Uni Systems is able to:

Keep track of technological development around the globe.
Widen its International collaborations.
Renew the know-how and expertise of its employees.
Continuously improve the services it provides.
Develop innovative and sophisticated products and services, attuned to the demands and developments of the International Market.   



Self-adjusting and integrated metropolitan and access network (ARMONIA)

Reference Engagements

Future Proofing of ICT Trust Chains

Sustainable Operational Assurance and Verification Remote Guards for Systems-of-Systems Security and Privacy.


Analysis software scheme of uniform statistical sampling, audit and defense processes. 


Towards a Sophisticated SIEM Marketplace for Blockchain-based Threat Intelligence and Security-AsA-Service. 


Integrating the Greek Justice System with eIDAS and e-signature services

Urban Platform

An open, trusted fog-computing platform facilitating the deployment, orchestration and management of scalable, heterogeneous and secure IoT services and cross-cloud Apps.