Koventareios: Municipal Library of Kozani

The Municipality of Kozani has created a new space for the relocation of the Municipal Library in order to offer better services and possibilities to the public. In this context, Uni Systems installed security gates, completed the tagging of over 90,000 new and rare books, and trained the library staff on this new solution.

koventareios library
koventareios library
koventareios library
koventareios library
Τhe Customer

The “Koventarios” Municipal Library of Kozani (KMLK), is a library with a rich and long history, the study of which helps us to understand this history above all else. The role the library plays, as a tool of information, in the life of residents of the area to get to know their cultural and social level, but also their interests in various periods of time. Kozani is right to feel proud for her library that is among one of the most important libraries in Greece, the main reasons being not only the large collection of old books, the manuscripts, and the archives it contains, but also the large volume of contemporary collections it holds.


The new building presented the need for material safety, easier handling and automation of time-consuming tasks, since the number of library users increased significantly and the process of purchasing new material required a different, more efficient workflow.


Uni Systems implemented automation and security solutions in order to convert the library's infrastructure to a digital form and make the library processes more efficient and user-friendly. 


RFID Solution

Library automation system and security system.

RFID Gate Premium and RFID Gate Single Aisle

Security gates with People Counter installed at all entrances of the library.

RFID Workstation Shielded

Provides staff with a fast and efficient solution to program and verify RFID tags and add or remove item security without needing the library system. 

Mobile Inventory

Allows staff to complete inventory tasks quickly and productively.

User RFID cards and Card Printer

Project Details

• RFID security gates and RFID tags for books

• Rare material and CDs

• Self-service kiosks for loans, returns and renewals

• Staff antenna to make the work of library staff faster and

• Mobile inventory.


The Library can now easily maintain the produced material, while giving better results and added value to their services, openness that is needed for collaboration with other organizations, remote central management, security system, automation of time-consuming tasks, better services for the public, effective management for all types of material, inventory of the collections in minimum time and statistics. Also, the library can now print user cards without any additional costs. 

"We are very content with the completion of this robust RFID project, which aims at supporting Koventarios Municipal Library’s digital step toward a more open and systematized communication with its users. Our collaboration with the distinguished institution dates back in 2018 when the impressive new Library’s building was granted for use, aspiring to provide quality services and educational opportunities to the residents of Kozani. Our main objective was to provide a secure infrastructure around which library staff and users will be able to enter a digital era and inspire one another.”

Thalia Tsalkitzi, Museums, Libraries, Archives Solutions Department Manager