Uni Systems xDR Data Retention 

Telecom Data Retention, searching by the speed of light
Uni Systems xDR Data Retention is a purpose-built solution for telecom data retention.

Uni Systems' xDR Data Retention has been designed to enable fast and secure access to retained data by authorized agencies. It enables network operators and ιnternet service providers to easily comply with recent telecom regulations for data retention.
Its system is based on the technology of the world-leading centralized logging and analytics platform, the Elasticsearch engine, combined with Uni System's worldwide experience and expertise in the SIEM domain and telco data retention systems.

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What makes xDR Data Retention unique?
Collects communications data (CDR, IPDR) and correlates subscriber data from any telecommunications network.
Retains large amounts of data in a powerful and secure database.
Provides very fast search and analytics in billions of data records.
Automates request processing and reports search results.
Enforces policies using layered security features to prevent unauthorized access, or altering the data by ensuring data immutability.
Supports concurrent search requests which are limited only by the available hardware resources.
Provides a secure search REST API for spawning search requests either from the GUI, CLI or Web Browser.


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A comprehensive solutions portfolio: from infrastructure solutions to critical business applications.


Collaboration and strategic alliance with major international telecom solution providers.

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Uni Systems xDR Data Retention Features

Seamless System Integration Rather than replacing existing equipment, Uni Systems xDR has been optimized for seamless integration with existing data retention infrastructures, thereby enabling business continuity during infrastructure migration.

Collection Subsystem Data generated by networks nodes can be loaded into the Uni Systems xDR internal database at a very high speed. The system simultaneously supports multiple xDR sources. The collection engine forms a data pipeline where the output of each processing element is the input of the next one.

Reporting Subsystem is based on UniCase GUI and a number of business reports that utilize solution’s search REST API.

Storing Subsystem uses a structure called an inverted index, which is designed to allow very fast full-text searches. It is distributed by design and is built to scale.