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Staff 6.0

Integrated Payroll and Human Resources Management system
Staff 6.0 is an HR and Payroll Application, localized to meet the needs of the Public Sector business, supporting all relevant functions.
staff 6.0

StaffA flexible solution and fully integrated Payroll and HR management system that allows organizations to easily manage all payroll and human resources processes they need for their operation. Developed by Uni Systems, it is one of the most successful Human Recourses management systems for the Public Sector. Staff 6.0 is adaptable, so it can meet the business challenges and operational requirements of all organizations, turning payroll processing into an efficient, accurate and easily controlled process.

A complete solution for HR and Payroll requirements
What makes Staff 6.0 unique?

The usage of the Staff 6.0 application results in a successful and efficient operation of payroll, as it supports a wide variety of functions of the Public Sector needs. 

Integrated & complete Payroll & HR solution – Single User Experience.
Lower Total Cost of Ownership.
Adaptable to legislation rules.
Retroactive Calculations per day.
User-friendly – personalized – "one click" navigation.
Dynamic filters isolating groups or employees in calculations or reporting.
Single "point-of-truth" for personnel.
Less paperwork.
Dynamic parameters.
Enhanced security for confidential data.
Smart ad-hoc personnel views and analyses.
Support multiple companies through a common and unified installation.
Integration Tools.


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