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ACE ERP Construction

An integrated construction solution
ACE ERP Construction is an integrated enterprise resource management and process automation software, designed to meet the needs of modern construction companies.
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ACE ERPWith efficiency, agility and consistency being the cornerstone of its development, ACE ERP is the ideal partner for the organizations that wish to employ a flexible and easy-to-manage technology solution to better control the environment of operations and provide maximum quality. ACE ERP system is modular and very flexible, so that a customer can request any module configuration with features that fulfils its needs.

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ACE ERP Construction is designed and developed internally to target the needs of construction companies
What makes ACE ERP Construction unique?
Cost-centric ERP with multiple cost centers.
Multiple budget composition and tracking.
Integrated financial management.
Fully customizable.
MIS Reports.
Easy and flexible installation procedures.
User profiles with multiple security levels.
Expandable and adaptable to the company's activities and requirements.
Supports parent and affiliated companies in a single database.
Friendly user interface.
Management of multiple projects.
Management of multiple cost centers, costing models and budgets.
Tree-structured budgets for easy management.


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Over 30 years of experience in the Construction Industry Software.

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Serving more than 400 Construction Companies and Independent Contractors.

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Used by more than 300 Technical Departments in the Public Sector.

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One of the leading experts in public works procedures and legislation.

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Advisor and partner of the Construction Companies Association in Greece.

Which version do I need?

ACE ERP modularity and flexibility allows easy customization and configuration on standard applications to simplify the operations of the industry.

  • ACE ERP eCM the complete solution supporting public works organization and project management, and
  • ACE ERP PM the application that assists project managers by effectively linking costs, construction and financial activities together. 

Developed internally by our experienced team, eCM and PM applications cover the financial, costing and project management needs of the construction and technical companies, regardless of their size.