For yet Another Year, Quest Group Supports the "MITERA" Centre for Infants

At the initiative of Uni Systems and with the support of Group management, Quest Group employees created a snack bazaar, proceeds from which will go to the 'Mitera' Centre for Infants and to be put towards the treatment of infants and young children.This initiative by Quest Group employees, is a continuation of fundraising efforts undertaken by Uni Systems employees over the past four years. These efforts raised enough funds to cover the physiotherapy, kinesiotherapy and speech therapy of two young children of the "MITERA" Centre, making it easier to find suitable family environments and resulting in the children's adoption.

The "Mitera" Centre for Infants is one of the primary institutions for child protection in Greece, housing children who have been abandoned or who must live away from their biological families for any length of time. Its main goal is to find homes for these children, placing them through either adoption or foster care programmes.Quest Group, a socially responsible organisation, positively evaluated this employee initiative and actively supported it through financial contribution.