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Worldwide distinction for Thesis, a Uni Systems project implemented for Generali Hellas

To the many distinctions won by 'Generali Hellas' Thesis project, one more was added – the Gold Award in the Customer Facing Category, 2012 Global Awards for Excellence in Adaptive Case Management. Thesis is implemented by Uni Systems with EMC Documentum.The annual global award of Workflow Management Coalition recognises user organisations and companies worldwide that have demonstrably excelled in implementing innovative ACM solutions.Generali Hellas, among 12 global organisations awarded, and which demonstrated superior achievement, was nominated and successfully supported  by EMC, whose platform, EMC Documentum, comprised the basis on which the project was implemented.EMC Documentum, which is globally recognised as the most integrated and secure enterprise content management (ECM) platform, offers increased productivity and flexibility to all organisational departments and works effectively with all types of data and enterprise processes.

Thesis is a system used in the management of basic enterprise processes, including claims and insurance payments, and whose scope covers the entire process, from the electronic or manual submission of claims to the collection of accompanying documents, authorisations and management reports.The advantages of this implementation, which contributed to Generali Hellas being awarded the first prize, include paper use reduction up to 30%, expedited processes and a reduced process completion time up to 70%, transparency among users, cohesion, consistency, and the capability of measuring information and data together with an enhanced capability for instant compliance with government provisions for insurance.

Mr. Elias Mandouvalos, Generali Hellas Assistant IT Manager said with regard to the award: “International distinctions such as this do not just happen. They reflect projects emerging from clear visions, careful planning, dedication and commitment to objectives and, naturally, strong implementation teams. Throughout all the stages of this project our cooperation with Uni Systems was of crucial import to the project's success.” The project represents a best practice and a benchmark for Generali Hellas as well as for Uni Systems and EMC, and has been showcased repeatedly at EMC's international conferences, earning notable merit. Recently, the project was showcased at a Business Process Management gala organised by the Hellenic Management Association and was favorably received.