Press Releases

Uni Systems Upgrades ICAP Contact Center S.A.

Uni Systems has successfully completed a project related to the infrastructure upgrading and extension of the Contact Center of ICAP CONTACT CENTER S.A., an affiliate of ICAP S.A. ICAP CONTACT CENTER S.A., whose primary fucnction is the provision of Contact Centre tailor-made solutions through the utilisation of system intelligence, CRM systems, and modern equipment for more than 160 agents, chose to cooperate with Uni Systems to further optimise the quality of services offered to its customers.As a result of this cooperation, its system was upgraded into a modern call centre based on Genesys SIP technology. The architecture of the new Contact Centre, with capabilities of central control and administration, allows ICAP CONTACT CENTER to meet customer demands and requests for the successful processing and monitoring of inbound and outbound campaigns with a simultaneous, fully parametric recording of the total number of incoming and outgoing calls.

“Having adopted a customer-oriented strategy and culture, we at ICAP CONTACT CENTER, aim to offer exceptionally high-level services to our customers. The solution delivered by Uni Systems contributes to our technological excellence and further enhancement of the current contact centre's functions”, said Ms. Alexia Orfanoudaki, General Manager, ICAP CONTACT CENTER S.A.Given that the project supports the operations of an entire company, its completion and delivery are crucial for both ICAP CONTACT CENTER and Uni Systems.  The project confirms the company’s ability  to deliver projects that support the potential of its customers and enhance their competitive advantage in the marketThe system was put into operation in December 2008 through a smooth upgrading process with continuous operation of the system and without any complications for the end users.