Uni Systems and Museotek drive the digital era of educational opportunities, bringing culture in schools

Museotek x Peripatos


Cultural organizations are not always the first thing that comes to mind when talking about digital transformation. The pandemic has brought rapid changes upon culture and education and has forced cultural institutions into a new reality they had to adapt to in order to survive.

Not being able to access museums, libraries and other cultural sites, we had to find a way to bring educators and the younger generations closer to culture and offer them access to the merits of art and learning about our heritage
This is when the idea of Museotek was conceived and developed. Co-established by Uni Systems, TETRAGON and Mobics, the innovative, fully interactive platform, enables students to virtually visit Greek cultural spaces and places, in real-time, no matter where they are in the world. Museotek is the glue that binds students and cultural institutions, offering unparalleled interactive experiences. 

How does it work?
The experienced museum educator welcomes students in a personalized environment built around to their specific interests, to transfer images, stories, and knowledge to the classroom through a live and dynamic discussion with the students. Students enjoy an enhanced educational experience through specially designed educational programs with rich audiovisual material and exciting activities.

Let’s not put a stop to imagination and explore all kinds of educational opportunities, like the ones Museotek has created through the program “Museum at School” in collaboration with Peripatos, an inspiring team of cultural professionals, and the cultural and educational institutions. 


The educational program entitled “Strofades: an Unknown Treasure in the Middle of Nowhere” has as its focus two tiny, inaccessible and isolated Greek islands, Stamfani and Arpia, known together as the Strofades. They present a microcosm of important elements of both human history and the natural world. We will learn a lot from them! During the program, we will hear fascinating stories about many things: ancient myths; a shipwrecked Byzantine Princess; an imposing fortress church; pirate raids; a self-sufficient community of monks; an old English lighthouse; dramatic earthquake activity; rich environmental and ecological resources; a resting spot for birds migrating between Europe and Africa. Our heroes are the people of Strofades: those who have lived and worked there, as well as those who have studied them and love this unique spot— a tiny dot in the middle of the sea.

Christmas Music Mystery
A Christmas mystery took place in the “Lilian Voudouri” Music Library at the Athens Concert Hall. In collaboration with Peripatos, and implemented through the Museotek platform, a festive educational program was delivered to schools of North Evia. The combination of mystery, game and the magic of holidays created a magical experience. Students searched for musical elements and solved riddles to reveal the meanings of the most beautiful and touching Christmas stories! A new version of the game is coming soon with new mysteries.

Click on Learning
A specially designed virtual educational program in collaboration with the Hellenic ΙΤ Museum, delivered through the Museotek platform, where schools from Piraeus and Evia to Dubai had the opportunity to virtually visit the museum and learn all about the history of information technology.

Offering innovative user experiences and transformative digitization solutions, we are contributing to the brighter future of children and to the cultural cultivation of individuals all around the world.