Press Releases

Planetarium Simulation by Uni Systems

For Uni Systems, 2009 started with an innovative project. It is an ambitious undertaking, unique by Greek standards, which aims to allow the digital productions lab of NOESIS, the Science Centre and Technology Museum of Thessaloniki, to stage independent and interactive astronomy productions for the Center’s Planetarium.In essence, these are Planetarium simulation programs, which the personnel of the Center will be in a position to develop after the specialised training that will take place within the framework of the project.With the completion of this project, the production capabilities of  the NOESIS centre will be considerably enhanced, since planetarium-specific digital material will be produced.  There will be additional capabilities for the development of: a) multimedia applications functioning on touch screens as well as on the Center’s website, b) audiovisual exhibition material for the virtual presentation of exhibits, c) video production on scientific issues and d) graphic design applications for the production of large-size prints.

At the same time, specialised equipment and software will be installed in the Planetarium projection room, with the equipment and software being used in a real time digital imaging system in the Planetarium dome.Uni Systems makes full use of the advanced capabilities of technology by offering the equipment, software, and training required so that NOESIS can achieve its various goals--the protection of our technological and industrial heritage, the public's familiarisation with technology issues and the dissemination of a spirit of innovation.The project, the cost of which amounts to €805,000, is expected to be completed in mid-February of 2009 and it will be yet another of Uni Systems projects that will revolutionise technological standards in our country, since it will be the first project of its kind in Greece.